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We have partnered with highly renowned companies in the region to provide you with the best coverage for our solutions:
IranNav - Iran -
Globe Telecom - Egypt

Established Early in 1992 in Tehran as a First Yellow Page of Tehran, providing rich content data base of  business and POI for Tehran.  Data gathering effort was been made to cover a 15 million population capital of Iran. The effort was welcomed by Municipality of Tehran at the time and since then a 250,000 data entry of business is updated and growing continuously. Hard copy as well as website access is a main source of references for private and public organisation in Iran. We have started data collection for  large cities of Iran including Tabriz, Esfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Qom and green provinces of Caspian sea. This effort will continue to cover all 1300 cities & villages  of Iran within few years.
Main activities: Field Survey, Yellow page data collection with Geo referencing, Digital Maps, Mobile Mapping, 3D Building Models
Providing Map Data for: Navigation, Web Map Portals, Vehicle Tracking, Personal Tracking,  ERP,  Dispatching solutions

DaleelTeq - Pakistan -
DaleelTeq - PakistanDaleelTeq Private Limited is a multinational company working in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Tunis & Sudan. DaleelTeq is striving to carry on the advancement in the field of Document Management & Geographic Information Systems. DaleelTeq has expertise of preparation of digital maps along with road surveys to prepare the navigational maps. Currently these maps are being used in customized application as well as in the Mobile and PND Devices for navigational purpose.
Qatar Navigator - Qatar -
Qatar Navigator - QatarQatar Navigator EST. is the first company in the Gulf countries Committee (GCC) region to introduce the navigation systems in the Arab region. And it is the first company in the world that was able to operate successfully an Arabic Navigation System.
One of the major responsibilities of Qatar Navigator EST. is to provide a valuable Car Navigation System aid for a variety of clients like travelers, sales people, delivery personnel, real estate agents, drivers of emergency vehicles, visitor, tourists and everyone who needs to reach a many destinations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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